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Support file .jpg, .jpeg, .png. Image size 2400px x 3200px (size A3). Max file upload 20MB


1. Submit PNG files

We recommend submitting your files in PNG format with at least 150 DPI.

2. Use transparent backgrounds

Graphics should have transparent backgrounds. Everything in the file will be printed, so double-check that the background is clean.

3. Set files to RGB color space

Make sure your print file is set to the RGB color space.

4. Include correct inside label info

When creating inside labels, include the country of origin, size, and fabric information. This is required by law for all custom inside labels.

5. Outline your fonts

All fonts should be converted to outlines unless your graphics are in PNG format. That way you don't have to send us the font files.

6. Remove template guidelines

When using our templates, turn off the guideline layers before saving your files. If you don't turn them off, they'll show up on the print.

Semi-transparent graphics (or elements with lowered opacity) don't translate well in DTG printing. We advise you use solid colors.

Simply typing in a new resolution into the file won't result in a higher resolution print. If your graphic's resolution is too low, the best solution is to recreate it.

Black ink will appear grey on black garments because of the white under base we print. Leave these areas transparent when designing for black garments.

Avoid using graphics with perfect borders for sleeve printing, since the print can warp slightly when the sleeve is being pulled off the pallet.

We don't print white ink on white shirts. That means if you upload a white graphic for a white garment, nothing will print. We recommend using different colors on white garments.

Slight discrepancies in print placement are possible with DTG.

We can't guarantee 100% color accuracy if your files haven't been adjusted using our DTG color swatches.